Our Story

Carrousel Store was founded in 2013 by two sisters. Borne out of a personal need to present a unique view of contemporary clothing and accessories which worships the naturality of the materials, the slowness of the making process, the longevity and timelessness of the beautifully crafted pieces.

Gathered from all over the world, every piece has a story to tell. Beginning by touching the soft linen, cotton or cashmere, proceeding to the beautiful seams with perfect details, handmade buttons and unique designs, finishing by walking in a piece you wear for living.For feeling the simple and honest luxury in your everyday life or on that special occasion.

Carrousel Store is located in the heart on Vienna in a beautiful Art Nouveau building and offers its highly curated selections on two floors.

Being a slow fashion lover since its very first steps, Carrousel acts as an ambassador for contemporary brands for both women and kids.