Design with the factor of comfort

Address 1010 Vienna, Spiegelgasse 15
Open hours Mo-Fri 10:00 - 18:30 Sat 10:00 - 18:00
Phone +43 (0) 1 8909350

Our Story

In the beautiful heart of Vienna, at the so-called Wildpretmarkt, we have opened a lovely boutique, which meets its privileged siting also in its contents. Where in former days pheasants and deer were sold, we have opened the doors for friends of first-class baby- and children-fashion. When we establish our thrilling selection, we trust in our feeling in first place. What does that mean? Very simple: Our babygros, our panties or body-suits feel cozy. They are soft, fleecy and never let the tender skin of the youngest ones out of consideration. We make a point of our baby fashion in CARROUSEL KIDS fulfilling the highest quality-standards. The wellbeing of the smallest ones is a philosophy, which we live day by day and pursuit with consequence. Stroll through the historic center of Vienna and come in – into our tender world of child fashion and toys with heart and wits. Design with the factor of comfort Beauty and quality accompany each other at our store. That is why you will find at CARROUSEL KIDS only things, which are good-looking. We select for your baby only outfits of exclusive French, Spanish or Italian fashion designers. These designers understand the art of bringing together lovely esthetics and comfort of wearing. Our children fashion from 0 to 12 years scores through decent tones and soft fabrics. Our clients are demanding and want only the best for their child! We match this demand by including only the best labels in our repertoire. Labels like… … Kidscase, the Netherlands Label with its weakness for retrospective cuts and organic cotton, Numaé, the calm fashion world of Paris, which gently caress children with soft colors and premium fabrics, Or the cool Denim-collections of Finger in the Nose, which accompany pirates, explorers and princesses on their daily adventures…. … are only an abstract of the fine fashionable selection, which will overwhelm you at CARROUSEL KIDS. Fashion for the very first steps When your baby is ready at last and wants to discover the world on its own feet, then tough footwear is essential. In our boutique everything, which keeps little runners on their toes, is looking forward to you – from the flexible Atlanta Mokassin over the sportive sneakers by Golden Goose to the tough loafers of Pèpè Children Shoes. Young fashionistas can get excited over cool lace-up shoes, boots in vintage-style or noble sandals. And our gumboots by Peep Zoom care for your child being armed against all waters. Visit us! You will see, that we don’t compromise, when it’s up to the welfare of your children! Toys for a nicer life Toys from CAROUSSEL KIDS are fancy, tender and excite the fantasy of the little roughnecks. They are an eye candy in each children room and they are fun through and through. Apple whipping top, kaleidoscopes, puzzles or retro-drawing booklets attract young artists, playful daydreamers and curious minds as well. Londji makes toys, which are like a fascinating journey into the past, while Mon Petit Art claims the skill of the craftsman. Moulin Roty on the other hand is a universe full of magic with toys, which grow to the children’s heart by sure. When you enter our store, you will feel, that we offer quality out of conviction. A nice surrounding, smooth fabrics, nature-near colors and comfortable materials let your child experience the world with all senses. The last and most important ingredient in our concept is the love towards children and the respect for their needs. Let yourself inspire – at CARROUSEL KIDS in Vienna! In our little playing-corner the children are warmly welcome – during your easy shopping. Or you make it a real adventure-shopping by trying the toys on site...